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For Physical Persons

Any natural person in Romania with Romanian citizenship can direct 2% of the tax on the net income of each year to our foundation according to the law 573/2003 of the Fiscal Code art.84

If you earn only salaries, fill out Form 230.

If you earn revenue from other sources :
fill out Form 220

Aceste formulare pot fi descarcate de pe pagina ANAF (click aici).

The amount to be paid is not a sponsorship or donation, but is part of the state budget that is directed by each citizen in part towards the non-governmental sector.
The redirect is free of charge, ie it does not lead to any extra expense for the person who completes the form. After completing the statement, it can be sent by post to the tax office of the county where you live or you can e-mail it to our foundation and we're dealing with the rest.

For Legal Entities

Companies can redirect 20% of corporate tax to an NGO that sustains a social cause. The redistributed amount can not be more than three in one thousand of the turnover, and payments must be made by December 31, so the amount can be lowered of the profit tax for the fiscal year.
According to art. 21, par. 4, item p) of the Fiscal Code, the taxpayers performing sponsorships and / or acts of mecenate shall deduct from the profit tax due to the related amounts. The legislation imposes two conditions in this respect - the amount can not exceed 0.3% of the company's turnover and must fall within the limit of 20% of the profit tax to the state.
242/5000 The way to redirect is very simple. The company calculates the amount of 20% of the corporate tax, then ends with a sponsorship contract with the NGO it wants to support, and the expenses are deductible.
This type of sponsorship does not involve any additional expenses and does not affect the company's net profit.
The advantages of such donations are that the representatives of the companies have the freedom to choose the destination of an amount, which in other conditions would reach the state anyway, and, in addition, contribute to a noble cause, without any expense. Also, the contribution of each company could lead to significant progress in solving and preventing social problems.

The Pater Noster Foundation data is:
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